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frequently asked questions


Where are they?
Why are they there?
What happens when characters first arrive?
What is Thisavrou like?
Are characters alive or dead?
Can characters leave?
Do characters get any older?
What happens when they die?
What are the devices and how do they work?
Are there language barriers?
What is the Ingress?
Are there NPCs?
What do the characters do in Thisavrou?
What is clearance and how does it work?
Resurge (death).
Restore (replacements).
Refresh (canon update).
Is there a currency?
Does my character have a certain job?
Where does a character live?
Can characters start a business?
Can my character receive any items from home?

How do reserves work?
What kind of characters are accepted?
Can I app a character who is in the game already?
Can I app a non-human character?
Can my character come in with their pets or children?
What items do characters come in with?
Can I app a character with little background?
Can I app two characters from the same canon?
What are the policies on new canons?
If characters are canonically dead or injured, what happens?
What if my character is a ghost? A hologram? A computer?
What if my character is immortal?
How do re-apps work?
How many characters can I app at a time?
How many characters can I play in the game?
What are the activity requirements?
Is there a strike system?
Are there power restrictions?
Can I recycle an old application?
How often are application cycles?
What about the Test Drive Meme?

What kind of events are there?
Can characters hurt or steal from the NPCs?

Are the mods anon?
What is the rating of this game?
Is there a game plurk?
What are the age limits?
What are the communities?
Can characters have IC inboxes?
Is there a game calendar?
Is sex allowed? Can my character get pregnant?
What if I need to drop? What happens to dropped characters?
Fourthwalling, yes or no?
What if I need to take a hiatus? Drop?


⋆ Where are they?
The planet the Ingress originates from.

The universe is not one your character is used to and is uncharted territory, for the most part. Exploration of other worlds is the game's central focal point, along with research and private excursions into foreign worlds that open up every month. With the mindset that going home means biding their time until technicians find the frequency to their world, every character is expected to do their share of the work on Thisavrou. Getting home still remains a collaborative effort.

⋆ Why are they there?
During the game’s first arc, characters were pulled onto the Moira through a malfunctioning Ingress, and working together, crew were on a course to the Midway Hub, the place that the ship had originated from. After over a year of travel, they finally reached their destination and were eventually greeted by people from Thisavrou. Now, on a new planet that is surrounded by an impenetrable, dark storm, former crew and new arrivals alike live and work until Ingress technicians can determine the frequency of their original world and send them home.

⋆ What happens when characters first arrive?
Check out the Welcome Guide.

⋆ What is Thisavrou like?
See more over on the Locations Page.

⋆ Are characters alive or dead?

Characters can enter the game as dead or alive. This means that characters who were killed in canon can come in post-death and be fine. Characters who are ghosts, vampires, etc. can come in as they are.

⋆ Can characters leave?
Of course. Exploration of foreign planets is highly encouraged. There may be stipulations or rules for visiting new worlds, which will be noted on either the locations page or planet log posts, but that shouldn't dissuade characters from getting out and doing things. The notes, for example, might state that your character will want to avoid certain areas or that a particular clearance level is required.

⋆ Do characters get any older?
If your character is there a month, then they will be a month older technically. With the technology found on Thisavrou, characters will appear to age at a slower rate due to the care that they receive in medical facilities. Supplements, medicines, treatments, and more are available upon request.

⋆ What happens when they die?
They are resurged. The process is explained more on the linked page, but it is the OOC way for you to apply for a character death. It is discussed between yourself and the mods how you want the character to die, what they will trade for the death, and how they will return; be it with physical or mental damage.

⋆ What are the devices and how do they work?
TABs are Thisavrou Audiovisual Badges.

They allow characters to communicate via text/audio/video. They are capable of monitoring a character's vitals, and they cannot be damaged. Unlike the previous MID devices used aboard the Moira, the TAB is portable and has a “stick” function, which allows it to adhere to any surface and is easily removed by the owner. The TAB acts as an important interpersonal communication device as it provides access to the network used ICly as well as private messages.

Network posts will show the character's name and picture and can be locked to certain people but cannot be anon. This is due to the system being created to allow open communication. A given character may have only one TAB, with the ID they first registered on arrival in Thisavrou. Although they can request to change their name on record, they cannot assume a false identity for a specific post or posts. Hacking of private messages can be done specifically and only with OOC permission, which must be requested of all parties involved with the call.

TABs have various accessibility functions to allow for characters with disabilities or trouble communicating via text or audio. Some of these functions are audio-to-text and text-to-audio as well as other features as necessary.

⋆ Are there language barriers?
Yes and no. When your character arrives, they are given their TAB, which is used for ID, communication, and currency. With the TAB in your character’s possession, translation of most known languages will occur automatically. However, if the TAB is lost or not on your character’s person at some point, then languages your character normally wouldn’t know continue to remain unknown to them. Additionially, characters may travel to a world where the language is rudimentary or unknown, where it would be stated that your character won't understand the natives. Otherwise, it is general knowledge that everyone your character comes in contact with can understand them and vice versa as long as they have the TAB.

⋆ What is the Ingress?
The portal that brought you here.

The technology is complex, but is essentially a way to pull items, organic and otherwise, from one point to the next. Originally, the Ingress was created to allow for easier space travel between worlds, and has since then become a way to move between universes and timelines. The Ingress technicians can find a character’s home frequency, but the process takes time and a lot of work. Characters can access the Ingress to visit other worlds if their clearance allows for it and can bring things to and from as long as they fill out the proper paperwork.

⋆ Are there NPCs?
There are! See below.

Original NPCs:

Cúrre, Thán, Típota, Manasseh, Captain Ira, and First Mate Egan

Current NPCs:
  • TOD, a robotic deputy at the Department of Ingress Contingency Coordination.
  • The contaminant, known to some as "Mother": a sentient flesh goo that invaded Thisavrou at the end of April and more recently took the shape of a child.
  • The intermediaries also play a crucial role in resolving disputes and correcting criminal behavior throughout Thisavrou.
Thisavrou is home to many people of different species and origins who live and work on either one of the planets or in the Ingress Complex. Players are free to handwave or assume the bulk of NPC behavior within reason, though we suggest keeping an eye on the summaries in event posts and logs.

⋆ What do the characters do in Thisavrou?
Live and work.

It is up to your character how they fare in Thisavrou. Since it is generally known - and hopefully accepted - that everyone must work and live together for a long period of time, peaceful interactions are encouraged. This may not always be possible and not always likely if certain characters live together, but it is implied that everyone must do their part to contribute in some way.

Do you want to go home? Then cooperate with one another.

⋆ What is clearance and how does it work?
Clearance refers to the level of access your character has on Thisavrou. This allows them to access certain areas when traveling through the Ingress and can be affected by their job. For more information check the Clearance page.

⋆ Resurge (death).
The death page.

Resurgence is the term used ICly for when your character dies and is brought back. The planning is done OOC through a screened comment on the above linked page, and the outcome of your character's death will be discussed privately. You can then use the information to post a log or network entry, inform close CR, or let it sit for a later time.

Previously, one of the ship captains was responsible for this, but in the current setting, characters will be assisted by medical personnel.

⋆ Restore (replacements).
The repairs page.

After your character has died multiple times, they will either have physical or mental issues that need to be taken care of. The above page allows you to trade in your character's ranks to have their memories restored or have physical replacements issued. This can be a new arm or a cybernetic eye; the options are limitless and all discussed OOC.

Previously, one of the ship captains was responsible for this, but in the current setting, characters will be assisted by medical personnel.

⋆ Refresh (canon update).
The canon update page.

When you choose to canon update your character, you apply through the linked OOC page. The canon update lasts three days before your character returns to their life in Thisavrou.

⋆ Is there a currency?
Yes. Sencs is what Thisavrou calls its monetary unit, though trade is still allowed and happens frequently.

⋆ Does my character have a certain job?
Characters can find work on either of Thisavrou’s planets or in the Ingress Complex. Jobs are claimed OOCly on this page.

⋆ Where does a character live?
Take a look at the housing page.

⋆ Can a character start a business?
Check out the jobs page.

⋆ Can my character receive any items from home?
They can! The Ingress pulls in objects as well as people, and the Ingress techs are practiced at analyzing the signatures to see who (or whose world) an item might belong to. If you would like your character to receive a personal item, please comment on the Feedback page with the request.


⋆ How do reserves work?
From May 2017 going forward, reserves will open for one week prior to applications. We allow one reserve per player. If multiple reserves are submitted for one chacter, only the first will count. While reserves are not required to apply for a character, they guarantee first consideration. If a character is reserved, no other applications will be accepted for that character for the first five days of an app cycle. At that point, the reserve will expire, and anyone may apply.

⋆ What kind of characters are accepted?
Canon, original, canon AU, CRAU, and player-created protagonists (MMO's and Tabletop). Fandom OCs are also accepted; however, they cannot have any attachment to canon characters. For example, Sarah Smith will not be accepted if she is listed as Bob Smith's daughter, and Bob Smith had no awareness of Sarah's existence in canon. We aren't accepting player created AU's at this time. If you are curious, just ask us and we'll let you know. We try to consider all points of view to determine if a character will be allowed in.

⋆ Can I app a character who is in the game already?
Yes; as long as there aren't already two versions in-game. For example, a canon version of Bob Smith and a canon AU version of Bob Smith are acceptable. Two canon versions of Bob Smith or two canon AU versions of Bob Smith are not. It can be any combination of the three (canon, canon AU, CRAU).

There are allowed two versions of each character in a medium. For example, a CRAU and a canon Bob Smith from Comics and a CRAU and a canon Bob Smith from a T.V. show.

With CRAUs, it is a case-by-case basis; however, we are mainly looking for a substantial difference in history which results in a significant change in personality.

⋆ Can I app a non-human character?
Yes; as long as they can fit through the Ingress. Large characters (e.g. most Transformers) are fine, but you wouldn't be able to app a Reaper from Mass Effect in its default state of massive squiddly glory. If you have interest in such a character, or would prefer not to deal with the inconveniences of your character's usual form, you may choose to humanize them. This requires that you add an additional section to your application: detailing the human form, summarizing any appearance alterations, and linking an icon that shows them in this human shape.

⋆ Can my character come in with their pets or children?
Pets are allowed, children are case-by-case; contact us on the Feedback Page. It must be noted in the application if your character is coming in with a pet. Pets can have vague personality traits, happy dog or sad cat, but nothing specific or that hints that the pet could be apped on its own.

⋆ What items do characters come in with?
Whatever is on them at their canon point; all items must be noted in the application as specifically as possible. Jewelry, clothing, anything and everything. Weapons are allowed in the game, although if they come in with something extremely dangerous, it might be held back from them until a later point. (This isn't necessarily likely, but it could happen.)

⋆ Can I app a character with little background?
This is a case-by-case basis. There must be a larger ratio of canon versus headcanon. Otherwise, it crosses into the realm of an original character, and the mods have to approve any characters like this.

⋆ Can I app two characters from the same canon?
Only if they have had absolutely no interaction and would not ever in canon. This even refers to other canon characters mentioning them. If you have two characters and you are curious if you can app them both, shoot us a pm. There's no harm in asking.

⋆ What are the policies on applying for characters from new canons?
One month from its U.S. release date for films. One week for refreshing canons (i.e., TV shows).

⋆ If characters are canonically dead or injured, what happens?
They arrive fresh. It doesn't matter if a character comes into the game from a canon point where they are dead or were horribly injured. The Ingress will bring them in restored. Note on your application if your character will have any physical effects that the Ingress won't have fixed for them. Scars, wounds, etc.

⋆ What if my character is a ghost? A hologram? A computer?
When the Ingress pulls a character through, it returns their body to a good condition. For a ghost, they would be restored to when they were alive, and then enter the game in that state. That doesn't take away any of their abilities, or what they could do as a ghost, just that they have a solid form that can be used.

For an AI, it would be similar. If someone wishes to app a character that doesn't have a body and is on a datachip, they have a few options. They could be provided with a synthetic body during processing. They could be humanized, as with the "very large characters" above. Or they could remain as a projection only. That said, if you want your character to be embodied or otherwise changed, please note as much in your app with as much detail as possible. You can also contact us beforehand to work out any unique solutions.

⋆ What if my character is immortal?
They remain immortal. They do not age and are bound within the realms of their canon. For example, if your character is a vampire that does not physically age but can be killed by a wooden stake through the heart, then that remains the same for them in-game.

For vampires and other similar characters, there are a few things to note. Thisavrou has no sun or moon, subsisting off the light of the Ingress. That said, travel may expose your character to a variety of suns, moons, stars, or planets, and if they are canonically affected by any of those, they still would be. When it comes to infecting another character, that is up to the other player. If both players are on board, a character can be affected. Any alterations to a character's body will be reset back to its original if the character is resurged. This change (the vampire bite turning a character) wouldn't count as a character death, and would not itself require resurging.

There are medical facilities on Thisavrou with many different machines and items that will be available to characters that need alternate means of nutrition. If your character requires something specific, please put it in the app; Thisavrou's techs will do everything they can to accommodate their new visitors. (If they need live sources, it can be arranged, etc.)

⋆ How do re-apps work?
ICly? It's up to the player and mods when they re-apply. If it has been a relatively short period of time, it wouldn't be unreasonable that they come back with their in-game memories. If it has been a long time or someone else has played that character in-game since you dropped, that might change.

As apps are always open, players are welcome to re-apply at any time... unless the character was auto-dropped due to AC. In that case, the player should wait at least one month before attempting to re-app the character, though they are welcome to apply for other characters in the meanwhile.

⋆ How many characters can I app at a time?
One per app cycle unless the application page states something different.

⋆ How many characters can I play in the game?
Three total. Contact mods if you want to app more than that. Be prepared to provide proof of your activity to show us that you can handle another character.

⋆ What are the activity requirements?
Any of the below counts as a valid activity proof:

5 comments from your character in a log
10 comments in a network thread
15 comments from an IC inbox thread
1 open network or log post

Check out the latest activity check for specific details or examples.

⋆ Is there a strike system?
If life interferes unexpectedly, players are allowed to request a strike instead of presenting linked activity or a hiatus proof. However, striking characters will be required to present double activity the next month, and if a strike is required on two consecutive months, they will be dropped from the game. The same can apply if a character appears to be abusing the strike system (e.g. striking every other month), though there's no penalty for asking-- feel free to contact us if you have concerns.

⋆ Are there power restrictions?
No, but don't break the game. With any potentially game-breaking plots, contact the moderators first. We don't want to discourage powerful characters from doing what is normal for them to do, but we have to keep the game as equal as we can for all characters. Just hit us up and we'll discuss it.

⋆ Can I recycle an old application?
Yes, but you must have one new in-game sample and have updated the rest with any new information.

⋆ How often are application cycles?
As of May, applications are back to a monthly cycle! The application period consists of the last week of every month, with reserves opening the week prior.

⋆ What about the Test Drive Meme?

Test Drive Memes go up in the middle of the month, usually on the 15th. Please check the calendar for exact dates.


⋆ What kind of events are there?
At the beginning of each month, the mods will release an info post that details new world information, visitable planets, and anything that is occurring in Thisavrou for the month. Starting with Arc II, players will be allowed to suggest and run a plot with the help of the mods; this will be the main form of events.

⋆ Can characters hurt and steal from the NPCs?
Players need permission to injure or steal from mod run NPCs, but can write in their own interactions with Thisavrou residents.


⋆ Are the mods anon?
They aren’t! All the mod information can be located on the Feedback Page.

⋆ What is the rating of this game?
PG-13, but all content is allowed. Players are required to mark all logs and posts with appropriate warnings.

⋆ Is there a game plurk?

⋆ What are the age limits?
All players must be sixteen or older.

⋆ What are the communities?

⋆ Can characters have IC inboxes?
They do and can be used for activity. Players are asked to link their IC contact post when replying to the housing page.

⋆ Is there a game calendar?
Yes, and it can be found over here.

⋆ Is sex allowed? Can my character get pregnant?
Yes, sex is allowed. Players must mark their content. Pregnancy, however, is not. They are given game-long birth control when they go through the medbay upon arrival.

⋆ What if I need to drop? What happens to dropped characters?
Please apply to the drop page. Auto dropped characters are sent home through the Ingress because their homeworld frequency was found. Official drops can choose between that or leaving to go live permanently on another planet.

⋆ Fourthwalling, yes or no?
All players must be onboard.

⋆ What if I need to take a hiatus?
You apply on the hiatus page. For a hiatus, your character will be in cryo in the medbay of the Ingress Complex or can be on auto-pilot for that period of time.

sketchycharacter: (bunny hop)

[personal profile] sketchycharacter 2017-03-07 04:07 pm (UTC)(link)
This is a super dumb and minor question but in the urban regions of Kauto, there is vehicle traffic to get places within the region (as opposed to EN-line transit between regions), yes? In case someone need to have a daring getaway in a space car. For example.
virulency: (Default)

[personal profile] virulency 2017-03-13 11:07 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm not quite sure what the ruling is about characters arriving with meatsuits/armor, so I'd figure I ask! What is the game policy on bringing in non-sentient armor suits with a separate operator behind them? Is it possible to do so from the start, or would characters arrive simply as the operator and then eventually get the suit through other means?

(no subject)

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soldiergenes: (and now nowhere to hide)

[personal profile] soldiergenes 2017-03-22 09:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey there! So in this thread, Snake and Liquid have gotten into a locked-down area of the Ingress Complex. I was wondering what of interest they might be able to find there? Thanks in advance for the info!

(no subject)

[personal profile] soldiergenes - 2017-03-24 15:36 (UTC) - Expand
braidedwonder: Lyrics Troye Sivan (Default)

[personal profile] braidedwonder 2017-03-23 03:18 pm (UTC)(link)
Hey there!

Quick question - sorry if I missed a section on this in the FAQ - if I were to app Duo in, would he be able to have his Gundam along for the ride?
pillz: (Default)

[personal profile] pillz 2017-03-24 04:30 am (UTC)(link)
Are canon backdates possible? Perhaps if there's a plot to go along with it and stuff, if only a one-time exception might be made? Not sure I wanna do it yet but just considering my options.
waspling: (Default)

[personal profile] waspling 2017-04-01 04:14 pm (UTC)(link)
Are the TABs or Network at all hackable? Also, can anyone read/view/listen to past conversations that aren't locked? Thanks.
survivra: (Default)

[personal profile] survivra 2017-04-05 02:02 am (UTC)(link)
Hi! Hopefully I haven't overlooked the answer to this, but do CRAU characters keep powers they may have gained in previous games as well, assuming they're not game-breaking like any canon power?

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[personal profile] demonwinged 2017-04-16 10:59 pm (UTC)(link)
I have a question about the TABs. Will there be a setting on them for people who are blind? ie: it will read their text messages for them and either operate via voice commands or will have a tactile interface for finger-reading. Something like that? Thanks so much :)

(no subject)

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[personal profile] mttbrandlegs 2017-04-23 04:46 am (UTC)(link)
I probably should have asked this long ago, but I'm assuming that acquiring mind-altering substances would be just as touch as it is irl. I wanted to double check if it would be okay that Mettaton traded for robot drugs. The drugs would probably be something I conceive of my own creation (or p much the robo-weed that the Transformers had back on the Moira). I figured SPACE SHOULD HAVE SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.

Is this kind of thing permissible?
rejectedravager: Made by me, please don't use on your own journal.  Caps can be found here: (0 7 0)

[personal profile] rejectedravager 2017-05-22 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
So if a canon hasn't been out for a month, can you still test drive the character even if you don't app them right away if you warn for potential spoilers?
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[personal profile] arcreact 2017-05-24 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)

Quick question, since I'm not totally clear on how Ingress clearance and security works here: would Tony's position as head of Ingress nonsense aboard the Moira translate into any kind of research prospects on Thisavrou, ie, clearance/ability to work with the Ingress researchers stationed here to continue working on and learning about the thing? (Is that a job you can just apply to, regardless?? I have no idea)

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redarrowqueen: (3)

[personal profile] redarrowqueen 2017-05-25 03:59 am (UTC)(link)
Several questions since I'm debating characters!

1. For Thea Queen (CW Arrow) I'm looking at a late S3 pull point around the time she was stabbed by Ra's Al Ghul so two parter: since the bloodlust was only discovered the following season can it be skipped in game? And second if I go with the actual stabbing for pull point: could she simply arrived covered in blood/beaten up but basically healed to avoid the whole pit mess?

2. For Parker (Leverage) would being a freelance thief/Robin Hood be a job option? She's not exactly keen on going legit but semi legit she could do.

3. For Kristen Kringle (Gotham) would a recurring character with not much info be welcome? Gotham's stingy on info for its minor players I swear and I'm looking at an early S2 pull point.
arcreact: (Default)

[personal profile] arcreact 2017-06-14 09:56 pm (UTC)(link)

This is sort of a follow-up to my response on the player survey, because I thought of it after hitting submit and wanted to offer some actual concrete/useful suggestions for things I complained about:

On the issue of many characters not having sufficient motivation to participate in the off-world missions because money/adventure/whatever are not ICly good enough for them, what if the Savrii had a sudden breakthrough or something about how repeated Ingress travel increases the likelihood of one's Ingress signature being discovered? I feel like leveraging your typical jamjar "I wanna go hooooome" into something productive for the setting and player engagement could be a decent way to go.
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[personal profile] otiosity 2017-06-14 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
I'm commenting on this because I also mentioned this in my player survey but maybe not as eloquently as I could have and I had more ideas after speaking to other people.

I think this is a great idea to encourage characters to act. Of course the flipside of Mel's idea is that there are characters like Hawke who are ambivalent or even against returning home (assuming they don't know they can go to someone else's world or don't have anyone who offered). Perhaps in the wake of the Slaver Planet and whatever Hawke/Lavellan are going to do at the end of the month, the Savides mandate a quota for characters to go travel to new worlds for missions as a sort of quid pro quo for allowing them to stay in the wake of these screw ups. ("I HOPE you will be able to complete a few missions, Mr Comey").

Mel's idea could even be merged in with that where the Savides know that repeated travel increases the chance of finding signatures and uses this to their advantage with the carrot on the stick and the quota.

Though ultimately, I view this suggestion as more of a band-aid to what I see as a bigger problem as I posted on my survey. I think things should be ramped up even further into straight up force. I think people app to Jamjars to put their characters into tough positions and are generally okay with being forced to do things as like as it's not overly gruesome or dark but we did have slaver planets and people seemed chill with it.

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[personal profile] seity 2017-07-02 01:00 am (UTC)(link)
Hey y'all, quick question!

If a character is identical in two different mediums, is it ok to use one for the icons when the character is actually taken from the other? That is to say, I am looking a comic book character that has limited drawn appearances for the time period I want to take him from. But his movie version has a lot more screentime in the same time period. It's so that I can get a wider range of expression in his icons, but not limit myself to movie canon (as there is a lot more in the comics).

I don't feel the two versions are different at all, so it wouldn't be possibly messing it up for someone else who might want to app! And this isn't a major MCU/DCEU character (or even canon) that somebody else is likely to app anyway.
warandpeace: (Tнere'ѕ α plαce ғor υѕ ιɴ мovιeѕ)

[personal profile] warandpeace 2017-07-02 07:52 pm (UTC)(link)
Let's say you've got over 600 some tags on your inbox, would it be possible to start a new inbox up and submit it to the taken page to replace the older inbox link?
tearsinajar: thatass (Default)

[personal profile] tearsinajar 2017-07-09 07:10 pm (UTC)(link)
"Can characters hurt and steal from the NPCs?
Players need permission to injure or steal from mod run NPCs, but can write in their own interactions with Thisavrou residents."

With recent events and now the hostility from the natives after the Ingress was broken, can a character kill a resident? Not an NPC but just a resident? What might the result be since there isn't really a government/aren't any real authorities? Will it further affect what's happening due to recent events?
warandpeace: (нe ѕαιd I wαѕ нιѕ ғrιeɴd)

Questions about History Stuff

[personal profile] warandpeace 2017-07-09 07:50 pm (UTC)(link)

As of this thread Miller brought up to Charles Xavier that while history was an important subject there is no one capable of teaching the history of the planet they're on at the school. Would anyone be convinced to volunteer, and if Miller looked into the history himself would he find anything interesting? (His specialties are usually military and political history.)

Generally, though, he'd find that Thisavrou has had no standing military or official "government" for centuries-- the intermediary system was put in place within a few generations of Thisavrou's founding, and has served to moderate disputes large and small since then. There are a few historical records of violence with arriving (or invading) groups of outsiders, but by and large, the conflicts either led to peaceful integration or expulsion of the intruders, usually within a month or two of their arrival.

And the other questions:

1.) What exists in place of a government. Is it a functional anarchy or is there some indication that a larger force is somehow at work?

2.) How did Kauto and Chioni get their names?

3.) How did the Ingress relate to the settlement of the planets? Was the Ingress already functional and barely sustaining them before it was harnessed or what?

4.) What are a couple of invading/arriving groups of outsider incidents where things got violent?

5.) Would there be incidents of arrivals having integrated and lived out their lives on the planet? For instance, say, look into the past and you can find a 'and Luke Cage formed a community in-' or 'Kevin Flynn helped develop the current TAB network' something like that?

AND to condense things, adding a question here:

6.) Are there NPC insurance companies on Thisavrou?
Edited 2017-07-10 02:48 (UTC)

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If someone were to look into the intermediaries, what sort of information would they find about them and their methods? How exactly does their system function, and what exactly is it they do to violent criminals, like say serial killers?

Also if a PC wanted to be an intermediary is that possible?
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Kind of an odd question based on one of the answers here: you say that characters "are given game-long birth control when they go through the medbay upon arrival." What form does this birth control take, and is it given to all characters? Are they required or forced to comply with this use of birth control?

(Disclaimer: I have no desire to RP a pregnancy scenario; I'm more interested in the mechanic.)

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