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Time is as intricately designed as the stars you now see, appealing and simultaneously unpredictable. Compelled, it moves forward and leads us from this world to another.

You have left your home behind by accident, a science nearly indistinguishable from magic plucking you from your world and time as easily as opening a door. The Ingress is here, ever eternal, and those who greet you explain where you are and how this has come to be. There appears to be no deceit in their words, no fine print to your (hopefully) temporary stay — for some of them are the same as you in most ways. You are told of distant worlds with technologies as advanced as the planet you are on, and only by traversing the deepest reaches of these galaxies will returning home ever become a possibility.

Thisavrou is at your disposal, as are its unusual natives, and its diverse culture is a constant state of evolution. The decisions you have made and continue to make will affect what becomes of you and these planets. Destiny, after all, is no matter of chance, and it is not a thing to be waited for. It is a choice, a thing to be achieved.

But even the clearest light will some day weather away in shadow.

For you have found the unfathomable distance: the slow inevitable drift of our movements that brings us out of the unknown past and into the unknown future. When the stars darken and all that’s good crumbles to ash... where will you find yourself?


Thisavrou is a panfandom science fiction game with elements of horror, survival, exploration, and humor.

Exploration of other worlds is the game's central focal point, along with research and private excursions into foreign worlds that open up every month. With the mindset that going home means biding their time until technicians find the frequency to their world, every character is asked to do their share of the work on Thisavrou. Getting home still remains a collaborative effort.

This is the planet the Ingress originates from.

This game is rated PG 16+ due to horror elements, and we ask that you label your threads and posts with any warnings. As always, be kind and have fun!