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Thisavrou functions around a very particular schedule, all of which is focused on the Ingress. Each yearly cycle lasts for 100 days; a day is made up of 22 waking hours and 8 resting hours. When the Ingress machine is turned off (put into cool-down mode) the eight resting hours begin. After this mandatory low energy use time is over, the Ingress is booted back up, and the waking hours begin. Both planets, Kauto and Chioni, are affected by the Ingress in many ways as detailed below.

A dark, swirling storm surrounds Thisavrou, and a single revolving outpost is stationed between the storm and the planets. This outpost is used to monitor and study the storm, as well as to immediately inform the Savrii of any changes. There are no moons or suns, meaning that all light is artificial or supplied by Ingress energy to both planets, and the only way to leave Thisavrou is through the Ingress via the Ingress Complex. Visitors from many universes populate both planets. They have evolved the worlds into places of rich, diverse culture and have subsequently turned Thisavrou into a mecca of trade and travel.

Kauto is one of two planets that make up Thisavrou and is classified as static due to its inflexible temperature. Set at a moderate 70°F / 21°C, Kauto houses the majority of Thisavrou population and is the center of agriculture because of its temperate climate. With a day and night cycle (waking and resting hours) of 22 and 8 respectively, it is the ideal place to begin businesses and other potential prospects. Each region is noticeably different than the one before it due to the influx of visitors that now call Thisavrou their home.
Region One (R1): The only area with direct transportation from the Ingress to Kauto, this region is a thriving metropolis. There are numerous residential options—apartments, houses, condos, etc., and there are extended and short stay hotels. This first region is heavily populated and home to almost all businesses of Thisavrou. If you are looking for a store or groceries, restaurants, hospitals, and more, this is the region to explore.

Region Two (R2): This region is known as the agricultural district. While some supplies are gathered by Savrii through Ingress travel, the majority is locally grown. There are thousands of farms (fruit, vegetables, animals) that are run by those who have signed on to live and work the land - if the agreement is signed, no payment for the land and housing is required. 50% of anything grown or raised here has to be donated to Thisavrou in order for it to be divided so that no Savrii goes without. Everything else can be stored or sold. Each farm comes with a farmhouse or cottage, equipment, and a section of land.

Region Three (R3): A group of visitors to Thisavrou developed this region to be similar to their home world. Upon entering, the trees begin to thicken and the EN-Line cannot enter (it circles around to take passengers to other regions). The houses are built into towering trees and are all connected by swinging pathways. The people who already live here are typically pleasant to visitors and are very welcoming to anyone who chooses to make this region their permanent home. The community, as a whole, is very inclusive.

Region Four (R4): Not far from R3, a large dock marks the entrance to the fourth region of Kauto. These docks are outfitted with personal emergency breathing gear that is given to riders before getting into the underwater EN-Line cars. Once below the surface, Savrii travel down until they reach the hookup station. There is a series of connected buildings and tracks that can take passengers where they need to go. The fourth region is used for studying the effects of the Ingress on marine life, as well as for fishing and exploration. Housing is plentiful.

Region Five (R5): This region is the newest and most consistently altered. It has been dubbed the “Time District” as it is the smashed together result of visitors from different periods building in the style of their era. Old Victorian homes stand on the same streets as early 1950’s bungalows. The time periods represented here include, but are not limited to, the following: late Renaissance, Roman, Ancient Greek, Colonial, Medieval, Bronze Age, 20’s, 40’s - 60's, and 90’s America.

New regions are in constant development. EN-Line Travel — unless noted otherwise above, the EN-Line on Kauto runs every fifteen minutes during waking hours and every thirty during resting.

Chioni is the smaller of the two planets that make up Thisavrou. Unlike Kauto, this planet goes through cycles of unstable temperatures that range from below 0°F / -18°C to 160°F / 71°C and higher. Home to numerous creatures, this planet is thriving with wildlife despite the harsh climates. The majority of Savrii live on Kauto, but scientists, hunters, and researchers commute to Chioni for work. Three main living burgs have been set up in further distancing increments that start near the Ingress Complex transportation hub (EN-Line) and arch out towards the more dangerous parts of the planet.

The first was built to house Ingress staff who prefer residential living, as well as scientists and researchers who need to be closer to what they study on Chioni. Domed and covered over, this area is mainly houses, apartments, and dormitory-style buildings. No restaurants, stores, etc. The second burg takes ten waking hours to reach as transportation does not run during resting hours. With only apartment-style residences, this area is mainly comprised of research facilities and mineral and metal resource processing plants. The third and final inhabited burg on Chioni is home to mineral and metal mining work, and wildlife capture and preservation staff. All companies and private hunters need licenses to kill or capture any animals as they are protected and watched closely for humane and population purposes.

EN-Line Travel — from the first burg to the second is ten waking hours. From the second to third it is eighteen waking hours. There is no resting hour travel due to wildlife and climate dangers.

The Ingress Complex is the balance between Chioni and Kauto as it maintains the system and keeps the life on both planets going. Scientists are constantly studying how the planets function as a result of the Ingress. The energy that it radiates provides both light and warmth. The Complex itself has been built up into a home for the citizens of both planets and serves as a trading hub between the two; it is also center point for the scientific community residing there. The majority of Savrii who live here are technicians, scientists, researchers, or temporary visitors who are staying for less than a day.