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Retrofitted from the original housing units occupied by the scientists, engineers and others who made their home on the Ingress Complex, Avagi's maze-like hallways are dotted with living spaces of various sizes and states of functionality. While space exists for individuals to hole up elsewhere if they choose, four distinct housing areas appear to have been used by the last residents.


As the name might imply, these spaces were not originally meant to function as bedrooms. A large scientific community had labs on the original complex, and in the wake of its destruction, these were apparently repurposed.

Adjacent to the remaining labs and workshops, these rooms are more spacious than most, and are almost guaranteed to have heating elements of one kind or another. While dust still fills the living spaces, they will have far less trash than most, and take more readily to cleaning agents. Privacy, however, can be difficult to come by as the labs share a communal set of bathrooms down the hall.


Unit 1
Erik Lensherr

Unit 2
Kazuhira Miller
Venom Snake

Unit 3

Unit 4
Nathan Drake & Elena Fisher
Tony Stark & Pepper Potts
Marian Hawke
Varric Tethras

Unit 5

Unit 6
Kevin Flynn
Peter Quill
Nova Barnett

Unit 7
Lena Oxton
Mei-Ling Zhou

Unit 8
Soldier: 76
Ana Amari

Unit 9-10
Charles Xavier & Arthur
Jean Grey & Rey
Wanda Maximoff
Laura & Nill
Kurt Wagner

______ Suites

What kind of suites has been erased with time... or, perhaps, is only waiting for the next innovator with a piece of chalk to clarify. Still, it's clear from even a casual glance that each and every one of these rooms was meant for habitation from the start. Some even bear the hallmarks of old luxury rooms. Larger beds, private bathrooms, carpet and wallpaper instead of the metallic bulkheads found elsewhere in Avagi...

...if, of course, in not quite so excellent repair as it once was. The wallpaper flakes away at a touch, and cloth items have been nested, torn, and stained by some kind of infestation. Every now and then, it almost sounds like something is still living there: an odd skittering, goming from the walls. These rooms are almost entirely bereft of cooking gear as well. Still, on the bright side? Excellent plumbing. The observation station is also just a short walk down the hall.


Unit 1
Diana Prince
Jim Kirk
Agent York
Agent Carolina

Unit 2
J.M. Austen

Unit 3
Revolver Ocelot
Big Boss

Unit 4
Badou Nails
Laura Kinney

Unit 5
Agent Maine & Agent South Dakota
Leonard L. Church
Agent North Dakota
Agent Washington

Unit 6

Unit 7

Unit 8-9
Fareeha Amari

Unit 10
Tetora Nishizono

Whatever signage was used for this section of the complex has long since been stolen, damaged, or destroyed. In its place, some long-ago resident applied a great deal of care and craftsmanship to carving a face into the metal bulkheads: a cat (or similar species?) wearing a distinctly unhappy expression.

"🙀" sector is composed mostly of two- and three-bed spaces, with a few larger apartments quartered near the back. While slightly cramped, it provides at least one bathroom per unit, along with varies amalgamations of cooking supplies. It also sits above the main access to the sanitation levels, and carries a persistent whiff from down below. Perhaps that's the reason for the face...?


Unit 1
Solid Snake

Unit 2
Arno Dorian

Unit 3
Vetra Nyx

Unit 4

Unit 5
Alan Bradley

Unit 6
Chloe Frazer
Sam Drake

Unit 7

Unit 8-10
Commander Shepard & Nihlus Kryik
Asriel Dreemurr
Neriel Lavellan
Nate Drake


Unfinished label? Accurate descriptor? An in-joke lost to time? The sign for this sector of living space is neatly printed and has held up well, whatever its origin. The rooms in this area of Avagi might seem dimly familiar to many of their newer occupants: the short-term residential units once assigned to new arrivals through the Ingress. While small and not particularly elegant, the rooms have been kept functional, with a small cookspace and bathroom shared by each pair of adjoining units.

The only real failing in this region is the temperature. No matter how carefully you insulate your room or how many cooling units you repair, the whole living sector is prone to uncontrolled shifts of warmth or cold at odd hours. Those who make their homes here may also find themselves prone to exceptionally vivid dreams. Still, if you're having a bad night, you can always step outside. The Ingress Memorial is a short jog down the hall.


Unit 1

Unit 2
Liquid Snake

Unit 3
Yondu Udonta

Unit 4
Juri Arisugawa

Unit 5

Unit 6
Elizabeth DeWitt

Unit 7

Unit 8
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes
Big Sister

Unit 9
Adrien Arbuckal

Unit 10
Agent Texas

To sign up for housing, fill out the form and post it in a comment to this post. Keep in mind that the estimated occupancy is by space, not bedrooms; while characters can squeeze, it may prove difficult to fit more than the estimated number. They are, however, welcome to connect multiple adjacent units if they have the (de)construction capability to do so. Players are free to decide their unit's specific layout as well, including the number of beds or bedrooms actually present.


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 Animal Nursery

 The larger portion of this space is made up of "barns" for animals which include cages, pens and reinforced containment areas. Some animal-care equipment remains, as well as numerous curious brown stains, but no creatures are currently in residence. A veterinary facility is also on site.

The nursery's laboratory facilities contain long-neglected (and nonfunctional) equipment for genetic engineering. One particular lab, small and tucked away, seems to be the remnants of a hatchery. No eggs shards remain, but the incubators could house eggs as large as ostriches'.

Bartering Block 

The outer ring of this area contains numerous stalls and storefronts where trade once took place. Instead of sencs, individuals apparently came to barter for items or services offered by vendors. Other locations are more likely to have a particular concentration of items left behind, but the trading economy that once existed means visitors may find an unpredictable mishmash of objects.

At the north end is an engineering space where Saylent Blue nutrition blocks were processed and distributed. An enormous stockpile of them remains there. Yummy!

The interior of the block contains a large number of storage units. Originally for use by the vendors, many now hold personal items removed from the residential spaces by the taskbots, resulting in a hoard of disorganized junk. Locked units may contain more useful items, but the locks vary in type and technology: key, combination, bio-signature and "weird-looking" locks can be found on different units.

 Gymnasium and Rec Area

 Repurposed from what was clearly once an empty lab, this large space contains a variety of exercise equipment and other therapeutic items designed to facilitate physical health. Much of the equipment appears to have been jury-rigged from technology and materials originally meant for other uses. Additionally, some of it was designed for non-humanoid bodies. Next to the equipment area is an open hall designed for free activity. A plain track runs around the perimeter.

Hall of Music 

Another former science lab, this wing contains storage for a variety of musical instruments from various planets—not all of which can be played by humanoid beings.

Smaller soundproofed rooms provide a practice space for those who wish to hone their skills, or to avoid being overheard. The wing also contains a medium-sized performance space and theatre.

 Ingress Memorial

 Built around a fragment of the former transit platform of the Ingress, this room has been redesigned to resemble a chapel or meditation space. Smaller pieces of Ingress technology, displaced by the explosion, have been gathered, cleaned and arranged in a semi-circle at the front of the room. Instead of rows of pews, comfortable seating is placed in an opposite semi-circle across from the pieces, leaving an oval space in between.

Those who visit the memorial may find a strange sense of warmth after a while, a faint presence that may offer the sensation of comfort before it departs as invisibly as it arrived. Or perhaps it was all in their minds.

Ingress Shrines 

Similar to the Ingress memorial, several smaller fragments of the Ingress have been installed as landmarks throughout Avagi. They resemble tiny shrines.

Currently, three shrines can be found: in the Library, in front of the Hall of Music and in the Observation Station.

 Laboratories and Workshops

 This is the largest individual space within the accessible area of Avagi, along with the residential sectors. Numerous scientific labs and large workspaces can be found and used by anyone who wants to set up shop. Some tools and equipment remain in several of the spaces, most of which will be in working condition. However, the majority of workspaces are conspicuously empty, as if the residents prioritized these tools to take when they departed.


The physical books in the stacks here make up a curious variety of types and topics. History books, folklore of alien planets and scientific textbooks can be found, but so can a large number of trashy romance novels and thrillers. Some appear to be hand-bound.

A larger number of tomes can be found in the form of a digital archive, accessible via the large computer lab that contains both desktop computers and tablet units with holographic projectors, neatly stacked and stored.

The computer lab is initially offline and must be re-wired due to an infestation that damaged the lab's power connection as well as some units.

 Medical Wing and Cryo Station

 This area of Avagi contains offices for standard visits to a doctor and a hospital area for more serious issues. A variety of medical equipment is on hand, including autodiagnostic tools and surgical assistants, but some of it is in disrepair, and absolutely none of it comes with instructions of any kind. A limited supply of medications is locked away in the wing's pharmacy.

The third, smaller section is the cryo wing, where grievously injured people may recover in pods filled with a breathable liquid. Automated programming for the units is hard-coded into them, making it difficult to fail to operate them even without instructions.

Note: If you wish to kill your character, please contact the mod team here.

Observation Station 

Once the largest conference room on the Ingress Complex, this space now appears to be open to the elements of space. Instead of a glass ceiling overhead, it is a permanent but transparent force field that protects occupants from the storms of negative energy outside while offering them a clear view of the same.

Sensors, measuring equipment and other technical items are embedded in one wall of the station. The rest of the room contains a long table and chairs for those who want to convene around it, as well as a few other, more comfortable seats. The doorway to the observation station is heavy and reinforced with the metal alloy used to construct much of Avagi, as a safeguard against potential failure of the force field.

 Residential Sectors

 Retrofitted from both housing units and the workspaces at hand, these maze-like hallways are dotted with the front doors of a variety of apartments and living spaces.

The front door of each unit is secured with a bio-signature lock. When properly functioning, the design allows residents to touch a flat panel, the lock will recognize them and allow entry. Currently, the locking system is offline due to lack of use. While the units' interiors show considerable wear-and-tear, a majority of personal items have been cleared from the space. All units hooked up to special ventilation systems designed to simulate fresh air, but this system is currently non-functional due to lack of maintenance.

See the Housing Page to sign up for a residence.

Sanitation and Life Support 

Fronted by a station packed to the brim with technical equipment, this engineering station is merely an interface for the infrastructure that serves as the guts of the entire complex. Others exist within Avagi, but this is the only one in the currently accessible area. It isn't an exciting space, but it is extremely vital to continuing life. Seriously, don't poke anything. 

 The Greenery

 Half of this arboreal dome contains a large greenhouse and garden, where plants and farm crops are grown using a variety of methods—from traditional to hydroponics and hanging racks. An artificial stream runs through the greenhouse and leads to the 'outdoor' section—a large green meadow designed to be a park space and quiet area for relaxation. The grass is bio-engineered to form a large component of the Saylent Blue nutrition blocks.

Cultivation and harvesting has been carried out by low-level taskbots specialized for the job, but whether through faulty programming or robotic misunderstanding, they have proven exceptionally ill-suited to the task. The grass is thriving, along with a species of red Dandelion-type flowers, but the greenhouse is a mixed bag of barely surviving cultivars. Who scheduled the cactus to be watered daily?

The Bar 

It's a bar, in space. It's a space bar. Low but not-too-dark lighting, a polished steel bar and numerous tables and booths make this as comfortable and welcoming a bar as could be found on any planet.

Behind the bar itself is an incredible array of bottles, many of which are blown glass in complicated, artistic shapes. Nearly all of them still contain some liquid; a bottle may have just the dregs or be nearly full. Beneath the bar are steins, tumblers, shot glasses and other containers.

Tragically, most of the alcohol has gone bad due to age. Thirsty visitors may find they've poured themselves a fine spirit…or a glass of vinegar.


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